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Aqua Flora
 Aqua Flora - Three Month Supply $155.38

Successfully treats yeast-based problems and restores health to candida sufferers.

AQUA FLORA, since 1992, is the pioneer yeast fighter of water based homeopathic remedies for the treatment candidiases (don't accept substitutes). AQUA FLORA is Doctor tested and approved. After seven years AQUA FLORA is still considered as one of the best yeast fighters every produced, it is time tested! Alternative medicine clinics have demonstrated that it is 80% clinically effective; it works! It works where other natural and allopathic remedy's have failed.

Being Homeopathic; AQUA FLORA is extremely safe, possessing virtually no side effects or toxicity. As a natural product, one of AQUA FLORA's outstanding features is how rapidly it begins to work. Noticeable improvements are often observed within 5-10 days.

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