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Vitamin Glossary

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Health Concerns with
Preventative Approaches

Abdominal Pain,  Acid / Alkaline Balance,  Acne,  Acute Myocardial Insufficiency,  Addison's Disease,  Adrenal Glands,  Aging,  AIDS,  Alkylglycerols,  Alzheimer's Disease,  Amenorrhea,  Analgesia,  Anemia,  Anesthesia,  Angina,  Anti-bacterial,  Anti-fungal,  Anti-inflammatory,  Anti-microbial,  Antibiotic,  Antibodies,  Antihepatotoxic,  Antioxidants,  Antispasmodic,  Anus,  Anxiolytic,  Aphrodisiac,  Appetite,  Aromatherapy,  Arrhythmias,  Arthritis,  Asthma,  Astringent,  Atherosclerosis (arteries hardening),  Athlete's Foot,  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Backache,  Bacteria,  Bad breath, 
Basic Nutrition,  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH),  Blackheads,  Bladder irritations / infections,  Bleeding Gums,  Blood Cleanser,  Blood Disorders,  Blood Dyscrasias,  Blood PressureBlood Sugar Levels,  Blood Toner,  Bone Health,  Bone Marrow,  Bowel Problems / Inflammation,  Breast Health,  Breathing Problems,  Bruising,  Burns

Calcium Deficiencies,  Cancer,  Candida & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Capillaries,  Carbuncles,  Cardiac Weakness,  Cardiovascular system,  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,  Catabolic Wastes,  Cataracts,  Cellular Health,  Cervical Health,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)Circulation Problems,  Cirrhosis,  Colds and Chills,  Colic,  Collagen Deficient Disorders,  Colon Disease,  Confusion,  Congestion, 
Connective Tissue Support,  Convulsions,  Coughs,  Cramps

Degenerative Disorders,  Dementia,  Depression,  Detox / Toxicity,  Diabetes,  Diarrhea,  Digestion,  Dizziness (Vertigo),  Dysmenorrhea,  Dysplasia

Eczema,  Edema,  Endocrine System,  EnergyEnzymes,  Epilepsy,  Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV),  Exhaustion,  Expectorant,  Eyesight

FatigueFeminine Health & Nutrition, Fibromyalgia,  Flu

Gallbladder,  Gastrointestinal,  General pain and healing,  Glandular,  Gout

Hair loss,  Headache / migraine,  Hearing Loss,  Heart Problems,  Hemorrhages,  Hemorrhoids,  Hepatitis,  Hepatic Detoxification Products,  Hernia,  Herpes Simplex,  High triglycerides,  HIV,  Hormones,  Hot flashes,  Hyperactivity,  Hypertension (High Blood Pressure),  Hypotension,  Hypoxia

Immune System,  Impotence,  Indigestion,  Infections,  InflammationInsomnia,  Iron Deficiency,  Irritability,  Irritated / Itchy skin

Jet LagJoint Pain / Health

Kidney,  Kosher Formulas

Labor Support / Promotion,  Laxative,  Leukocyte / Macrophage Activity,  LiverLiver Detoxification Products, Lung Health,  Lupus,  Lymph Node

Macular Degeneration,  Memory - brain / cognitive abilities,  Menopause symptoms,  Menorrhagia or Metorrhagia,  Menstruation Problems,  Mental Health,  Metabolism,  Micturition,  Mitral Valve Prolapse

Nausea / abdominal cramps,  Nerve Health / Pain,  Night-Time Vision,  Nutrition / Good Health

Osteoarthritis,  Ovarian Health

Pain,  Palpitations,  Pancreas,  Parasitic Infections,  Perspiration,  Phytochemical FormulasPMS,  Potassium-Deficiency,  Prolapse Syndromes,  Psoriasis

Red Blood Cells,  Reproductive System,  Resistance,  Respiratory Problems,  Restlessness,  Rheumatism,  Rheumatoid Arthritis

Scars,  Sciatica,  Scurvy,  Sebborhea,  Sedative,  Sedimentation,  Senility,  Sex Hormone Production,  Sexual Dysfunction,  Sinus Infection,  Skin Disorders,  Sleep,  Snoring,  Sore Throat,  Speech difficulty,  Spermatorrhea,  Spinal Concerns,  Spleen,  Sports Nutrition, Stamina,  Stiffness,  StressStomach Problems

Teeth and gum problems,  Tension,  Thyroid,  Toxemia,  Tremors

Urinary Tract System,  Uterine Pains

Vaginal infection,  Varicose Veins,  Vein Health,  Vertigo,  Viral Conditions,  Vision Health, Vitamins

Water Retention,  White Blood Cells, Women's Health & Nutrition

Yeast Infection - Candida Albicans

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The reader is cautioned that this is not an all-inclusive reference, but a necessarily selective source of information intended to suggest the scope of the issue herein.

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